We collect deficiency balances, lease terminations, insurance subrogation, commercial collections, consumer collections, property recovery and dormant judgements.

We have a collections process that is so innovative we copyrighted it. We get results faster and at a lower cost to you per account than most litigation firms and collection agencies.

Our process starts with the placement of accounts. We are able to accept placements electronically or via hardcopy mediums. Accounts are input to our Collection Partner collection system immediately upon receipt. All accounts are reviewed for suit-worthiness using the latest in collection and account review tools. Accounts deemed suit-worthy are immediately processed for assignment nationwide.

Suits are filed and defendants are served as quickly as possible. Typically, judgements are obtained by default. Once we have obtained a judgement, the defendant's assets are located using our copyrighted subpoena process and execution is accomplished as quickly as possible.

It has been our experience that in excess of fifty percent of our successful collection efforts, defendants call the law firm to make arrangements for repayment within three days of being served.

All payment plans are secured with Confessions of Judgement, Stipulations to Judgement or other voluntary judgment documents as appropriate to the local of the defendant.

When defendants default on these agreements, we immediately file the appropriate documents to enforce the judgment and begin the execution of appropriate assets.

Where permitted by our clients, accounts deemed not suit-worthy are assigned to a collection agency. We have one agency we utilize and can use most any agency our clients request.

The agency we use is licensed nationally and has many years of experience with all types of collection accounts. The company was established in the early 1960's and has been owned and managed by the same team since its founding. Our experience with this firm has been 100% positive regarding collection results, customer service and technical capability.

One of the more popular services we offer is a consolidated remittance statement. This means all network firms remit all recoveries to us. Then we process into one uniform remittance statement to be sent to our clients. This eliminates the need for your staff to be trained on multiple remittance formats, reducing errors and training time for new employees.

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